7 Health Benefits of Cleansing

With the silly season safely behind us, it’s time to say goodbye to overindulgence and hello to healthier habits. And the quickest way to kick your new year you into gear- is with a cleanse. The term “detox” has gained a bit of a fad reputation, flung in with other terms like “diet”, “quick fix”, and self-help quests to shed anything from toxic relationships to a marshmallow fluff addiction. But done vigilantly, safely, and with the right intentions, a cleanse can clear the way for lasting and long-term lifestyle changes.

Below we’ll just skim the surface of the myriad health benefits that cleansing provides your body and mind.

7 Health Benefits of Cleansing

1. Colon cleanser

The king health benefit of cleansing is that it flushes out the colon, preventing backed up toxins from re-entering the bloodstream. If you regularly feel bloated, gassy, constipated or fatigued, chances are your colon is crying out for a cleanse. Keep your colon clean by continuing to eat fresh veggies and fruits well after your cleanse.

2. Energy booster

Doing a detox is like hitting your system’s reset button. You replace toxins like caffeine, sugar and saturated fats that cause your body to crash, with slow-release and longer lasting energy from nature’s own natural energy providers. This renewed energy can be used for moving more and getting more things done. Just remember to keep well hydrated.


3. Anti-aging

Toxins make us age faster. By doing a cleanse, we reverse the signs of ageing by reducing the damage free radicals do to our body. Upping your intake of foods such as leafy greens, broccoli and blueberries during your cleanse (and well after!) will prove to you that mother nature is the only real anti-aging miracle maker.


4. Clearer skin

Forget cover-up foundation and anti-zit kits, what causes breakouts comes from the inside. For instance, too much salt can create water retention puffiness while a surplus of blood sugar levels leads to collagen damage and wrinkles. A cleanse may initially make skin look worse as the body purges itself, but the long-term benefits of clearer, healthier skin are worth the wait.

5. Healthier hair

Chuck out the chemical ridden hair products and start feeding your hair from the inside out. Pumping up your protein and healthy fats intake can stimulate hair growth and give it a gorgeous sheen. Swap canola oil for coconut oil and munch on more nuts, avocados and eggs.

6. Clearer mind

Many of the sugar and fat riddled foods we consume cause fatigue and lethargic thinking. In addition to upping your quota of brain foods such as blueberries and beets, make your cleanse a mindful matter by meditating each day. Even 10 minutes of peace and quiet can go a long way in unclogging the mind, allowing fresh ideas and perspectives to flood in.

7. Feel good feeling

Detoxing gives you a renewed sense of wellbeing. As you cleanse, you’ll rid the body of harmful physical toxins as well as the toxic emotions that go with. Your hormones will be balanced, your moods stable and you’ll feel lighter and more energetic than before! What more reason do you need to keep on cleansing?

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