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Happy happy New Year!    Happy New Year

And it’s Monday, so happy New Week too!

I reckon there’ll be a few sore heads still lingering, and probably a few pretty average tummies too.   Christmas time, a time where the “Ah, fek its” occur with a lot more frequency.   Especially for those of us that are usually pretty healthy I’ve noticed.

I read somewhere that the “blow out binges” can occur just as often with us “healthies”.  Even if it is on healthier food.

What you eat between New Years and Christmas is way more important that what you eat between Christmas and New Year.   That week long period is only a mere 2% of the whole year.


So if you overindulged in more ways than one and haven’t yet found your way back, here are some little things you can do:

Regret Nothing1.  Let it go.   It’s done.  If you’re feeling regret, shame or guilt, recognise it, and then let it go.   Otherwise you just keep reliving it.   And that’s probably going to suck.


2. Watch your mind chatter.  How are you talking to yourself?   If you’re beating yourself up, really try not to.   What would you be saying to a friend that was in the same boat?   Use those words for yourself.



3.  Remember how it feels when you’re in your healthy groove.   More energy…clearer mind…happier…  Visualise yourself back in that state.


4.  Fake it till you make it.  Mind over matter.  Our minds are super powerful, if you can control your mind you become so much better at controlling the body.  Set your sights on where you want to be and act as if you are there already.   The body will catch up.

Lemon Water

5.  Drink lots of water.   Flush it all out.  🙂   Adding in some lemon juice (fresh) or apple cider vinegar will give your liver some love too.


6.  Eat simple foods for a few days.  Nice, clean, whole foods.

If you keep good food in your fridge you will eat good food


7.  Get rid of all the left overs that you don’t want to be eating.  Preferably not by eating them all before you “start tomorrow”…   😉   If you can’t toss them at least get them out of sight.


8.  Re-stock the fridge with tasty, healthy foods.   If you have good food in your fridge, you will eat good food.


Instagram food posts9.  Cook something ultra delicious.  Sustainability with healthy eating is not about restriction.   If you’re into LCHF, look up some tasty recipes and season with a whole lot of love and effort.  Same-same if Paleo is your thing.   Or Vegetarian.  Whichever style of eating you know makes you feel good.  Eat that.  Yum.  I frickin love food!  If you follow me on Instagram you get a pretty good sense of just how much!


10.  If you got on the sugar and the cravings have been re-ignited, be really strong for a couple days and avoid it completely.  It will pass.  For me it usually takes 2-3 days and the cravings go again.

Happy stomach

11.  Consider Slippery Elm and Probiotics for a bit of gut repair.    Can be used as a treatment (i.e. before each main meal for a few days/weeks), as well as acutely (i.e. after accidentally ingesting something your tummy didn’t quite like).


I have some recipes on my website if you’re looking for some inspiration.   I like to create things with the most amount of awesomeness while requiring the least amount of effort.  More than 12 ingredients on the list?  You’ve lost me…

Hcg-Weightloss before-and-after-urbanremedies

If you’re feeling a bit pudge and really want to follow through with the common resolution  of “this is the year I will lose weight!”.   I can so help get you there!  The hCG Weightloss protocol I coach my clients through is so frickin awesome.  Best. protocol. ever!  Average weight loss is 7kg in 3 weeks.   And that’s fat.  Not water.   More detailed info about how this could possibly be here.  When I did it over a year ago I came out of it with a six pack (grand total of zero sit ups), so muscle mass is not only preserved, but often actually increases!

online naturopath-yoga-instructor-kirsten remedies-urbanremedies
…over a year has gone by since then and I’ve settled in at around 2 kilos of that finishing weight.   Which is down 14kg from where I was most of my adult life!   Yay!  🙂

If you would like to learn more or even go straight for it, here’s my online booking system.


So happy New Year again!

You can change the direction of your life on any day, but there is definitely something more momentous about the start of a brand new year.

Go Twenty Sixteeeeeeeen! online-naturopath-Thumbs-Up-urbanremedies


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