Butter Coffees!

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Butter Coffees!

Butter Coffees Butter Coffees Butter Coffeeeeees!

I was going to say that Butter Coffees are my Kryptonite.  But according to the Urban Dictionary, Kryptonite refers to something that is your weakness (true for me), but it also goes on to say it is something to stay away from because you want it even though it’s not good for you (not true for Butter Coffees).

Butter Coffees are amazing on so many levels!

I say Butter Coffees, but there’s actually Coconut Oil in there too.   What a trio.  Blended all together to produce a creamy, frothy, velvety smooth taste sensation.

Some of the reasons I love them so much:


1. They are decadently delicious.

2. The great dose of healthy fats in there gives you a wonderfully sustained energy.

3.  Those same fats are great for cognitive function in the morning.  Marvellous mental clarity.

4.  They also help to prevent the “crash” some fall prey too after a coffee.  This is because fats are extremely stabilising for your blood sugar levels.

5. The MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides) in the coconut oil are a unique kind of fat that, wait for it, boost the metabolism and can aid in weight loss!  Something that tastes so amazing and doesn’t make you fat wins in my book.

6.  The MCT’s can also help to regulate cholesterol.

7.  We need our cholesterol (the “good” cholesterol) as well as our healthy fats for healthily functioning hormones.  So we win there too.

8.  If you avoid dairy products due to lactose intolerance, these guys are almost always fine.  Lactose is a sugar.  Butter contains zero carbohydrate.  Which means zero grams of sugar.  This means no lactose (or at least very, very close to zero…less than 0.5g per serving if that).

9.  Can be vegan friendly too.  Just omit the butter and up the amount of coconut oil if you wish.


You can make your own Butter Coffee with this recipe I posted up a while ago.

Orrrrr, very excitingly, you can pop into Serenity Eco Lodge and have one especially made for you!

Available and proving madly popular as of yesterday.  🙂

Do it.  You’ll never look back.









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