What’s Involved?hcg

  • 6 Week Protocol – 2 Stages
  • Whole Foods – Clean Eating
  • Homeopathic Supplement

What are the Benefits?

  • Incredible fat loss!
  • Average loss of 7kgs in three weeks
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Preserves lean muscle mass
  • New “Set Weight” for your body
  • Clean foods – clean body
  • Decreases/Eliminates bloating and cravings
  • Clearer skin
  • Increased energy
  • Improved flexibility


  • $575 for the full 6 week protocol

Included in package:

  • 50ml hCG Homeopathic Drops
  • 1 x 1.5 hour initial consultation
  • 6 x weekly follow up consultations



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The hCG diet was developed by Dr Simeons in the 1970’s and was originally designed as a “cure” for obese individuals.  He spent many years fine-tuning his protocol. His manual, “Pounds and Inches: A guide to weight loss” can be found online and makes for an interesting and informative read.

Dr Simeons refined this very specific diet plan which optimises the effectiveness of hCG to target the “bad  fat” stores in the body, with the average hCG’er losing 1 – 2 lbs (0.45kg – 0.9kg) per day as well as an average of an inch a day (total).  You could expect a 7kg loss in three short weeks!

Simply, it is a taking a supplement, and following a very low calorie diet (VLCD) for 21 – 40 days, followed by a further 21 day stabilisation period.  In this stabilisation phase your hypothalamus resets your weight, so this becomes the body’s new “set weight”.

hCG does not make you lose weight – the diet makes you lose weight.  However, the hCG changes how you lose the weight.

Recently the protocol has had a bit of an overhaul. Dr Zach LaBoube has developed and authored “hCG 2.0”, a modern adaptation of the original protocol.  Not only does this protocol take into account new and productive research into low carb, ketosis dieting, it also individualises the protocol for each dieter.   A six foot rugby player is going to have different metabolic needs in comparison to a five foot accountant.  HCG 2.0 uses a BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) calculation to determine the amount of calories you are to consume while on the protocol.   We are all individuals, and as such so are our needs.

A big believer in walking her own talk Kirsten has completed the protocol herself, and lost over 16kgs! Grateful everyday for the transformation of not only her body weight and shape, but for the healthy and loving relationship she now has with food as well. It gives her great joy to share this life changing protocol with her clients, walking, talking and supporting them through the different stages for maximum results.


For more information  as well  as some commonly asked questions and their answers I have written up a pdf available for download to really get you in the mood for some serious fat shedding!

Before During & After hCG - Version 2


Before starting the hCG diet my body had hit a plateau after losing 37kgs from shakes and liquid diets. I decided to give it a try and within two days I had dropped 3kgs. hCG made me feel amazing, as I had increased energy levels, everyone commented on my glowing skin, problem areas were firmer and overall my relationship with food has changed. After completing the 40days I had lost 8kgs. Not only did hCG give me my confidence back but I also now make healthier food choices and I feel healthier now than I did in my 20’s. hCG gave me a better understanding about nutritional food and how to make the healthy choices even when you are eating out. Kirsten Swales was an amazing mentor. I feel the first round’s success was credited to her passion and expert guidance to this protocol. Since my first round I completed another 21 days. I dropped another 4kgs and am planning another round to shift those last few kilos before my wedding day.
“I feel like I have been on a diet my whole life, however never have I felt in charge of my diet. I used to spend all day thinking about what I would eat for my next meal. How I could make it taste as much like a Tim Tam as possible, with non fat of course. I also began to suffer from little niggles such as constant backache, not sleeping, and chronic inflammation as a result of an RSI injury from my work. The inconvenience of this was softened by the 4 double shot coffees and the couple of glasses of wine I needed every day to function. After doing the hCG protocol with Kirsten I feel like I am in control of what food does to me. After the initial phase (when all the above symptoms disappeared) we gradually introduced foods back one at a time. Coffee and wine have both had to go, as well as a whole host of surprising foods. However, the variety and quantity of foods that I am now able to enjoy, without weight gain, has increased many fold. I am no longer woken up by aches and pains. I can sleep all night and I am not hungry all the time. I had tried all the diets- including quitting sugar and being gluten free. But this is so much better because it taught me which foods affected me- not everyone else. It is also the only thing that has worked for me in terms of weight loss. Did I mention Kirsten is also AMAZING with herbs. I am so glad I found her and that she introduced me to hCG, because now for the first time (that I can remember) I feel I am in control of my diet and am using food as medicine to benefit myself. I am no longer taking multiple multivitamins and smoothies with super expensive superfood powders. I am eating real yummy food and am still losing weight. I am not perfect I still sneak in coffee and wine but my body now sets me straight in no uncertain terms!! And I have never felt better for it. Physically, mentally, and emotionally.

After desperate attempts at following diet plans I finally made a conscious effort to give it one more try. Reading the local newspaper I came across Kirsten Swales’s advertisement and made an appointment. I instantly connected with Kirsten and having heard of the HCG diet made it easy for me to commit to my journey with HCG. Every appointment Kirsten was so excited making it easy for me to relax and continue positively forward. Having experienced the program herself, there was always positive advice. I know at that point in time in my life, if it wasn’t for Kirsten I would not have been successful. Seeing my bat wings disappear and my stomach shrinking before my very eyes was an amazing feeling. I felt alive, thanks Kirsten.  
Doing the HCG program with Kirsten was the best thing I could have done for myself. Kirsten shared her expertise and guided me through the lot. She offered ongoing support, advice, recipe tips and a great dose of encouragement! A year after HCG, I still weigh like in my 20s, feel emotionally content and stable (a first for me!) and gained precious dietary knowledge.



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