Health Tips for Navigating the Silly Season

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urban-remedies-festive-food-blogMince pies and mulled wine, spiced nuts and gluhwein. Plump crispy turkeys and pies made with key lime.  These are a few of our favourite festive things. But though we may be on a well-deserved break, it doesn’t mean our healthy eating need slip down the chimney in a poof of smoke.

The silly season can be a challenging time for keeping slim and trim with cheeky cranberry cocktails and naughty gingerbread men peeping around every corner.  It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of over-indulgence and over-the-top tipling.  But fear not!  I’ve created this silly season survival kit to provide you with some simple health tips to get you and your vital organs safely through into the new year.

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    Load up on H2O

Approximately 70% of our body is made of water, so it’s no surprise this should top your festive meal planning. It’s recommended to slug back 8 glasses a day for optimal functioning particularly during this peak party time. Here’s a few reasons why:

Natural energiser

Rather than relying on your morning cuppa, cut back the caffeine and hydrate with a glass of the good stuff. Water is a natural pick me up. It helps our heart pump more effectively, thus quickening the transport of oxygen and other essential nutrients to our cells.

If you absolutely can’t get by without any coffee, then try my butter coffee instead.  Using coconut oil and butter instead of milk almost completely eliminates the lactose, which means less sugar.  And adding in fat stabilises the adrenalin-insulin response, helping to avoid the midday slump.

health-tipsToxin flusher

Swap a little silliness for some good sense by ridding your body of toxic buildups. Upping your water intake promotes kidney functioning which flushes out wastes. When you’re out and about, alternate each glass alcohol with one glass water. Including Milk Thistle in your daily diet can also maintain liver functioning.

Mood booster

With the onslaught of long-avoided relatives clogging up our living space, we sometimes need a mood lift to keep the grin in place. Even mild dehydration can lead to headaches, confusion, tiredness and depression.

  • Be good to your gut

Before heading out for another end-of-year do, have a light meal to appease the appetite. This will prevent overindulgence in yummy, but not good for your tummy, delights. Try tucking into some of my healthy, tummy loving nibbles.

And when you do chow down – pause before you do. Stress and excitement leads to more eating and poor digestion. At this time of the year our bodies are burnt out, make a concerted effort to slow down and destress the system.


  • Get enough zzz

Ample sleep isn’t just a beauty remedy, it’s an all-natural cure for a healthy constitution. Getting a good snooze is critical to a healthy metabolism, memory, learning and immune functioning. Keep your weight in check by relishing those late morning lie-ins. At least 7 hours shut eye a night prevents late night snacking, regulates portion control and boosts fat loss. A little extra Magnesium can help you settle into a deeper slumber.


  • Keep on movingurban-remedies-online-naturopath

Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean your cardio regime should be swapped for couch lock! Make the most of these summer days by exercising for at least 30 minutes a day. This will boost your mood, shed the extra kilos, and get you out the house when the family gets too festive to handle.

Follow these health tips and let nature nurture you this silly season!

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