My Tips on How To Fat Fast

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Q: Why on Earth Would you FAT FAST?!?!Damn Right

A:  Cos they make me

feel awesome!

What is a Fat Fast, and why oh why would I want to do one?


A Fat Fast lasts between 1-5 days, you consume between 800 and 1200 calories per day, aiming to have 80-90% of those calories coming from fat.


1. I do them because they keep me feeling awesome.Brain Power

2. Many, many benefits to fasting.  I’m not going to re-invent the wheel.  This is a link to a TED Talk I really enjoyed about Fasting – sciencey reasons on how it can make the brain stronger.

Blood Sugar Monitor3.  It will stabilise my blood sugar levels. I have sensitive little blood sugar levels. “Everything in Moderation” does not work for me. One Snickers and I want ten, in an hour and then more chocolate later,  then that biscuit. And then maybe the rest of the packet. Just painting a bit of picture for you, it’s not always quite as bad as that… But getting off the carbs and onto the fats for a day or two gets rid of the sugar cravings for me.

4.  It can get your body into ketosis.  This is fat burning mode.   The body uses fat for fuel instead of glucose, a much more efficient source of energy.  Cereal Killers is a great documentary if you would like to learn more about becoming “Fat Adapted”.

Dancer Pose5.  It can be a nice little reset.   I’m not perfect all the time.  I’m human.   You might’ve heard me joke that I call myself an 80:20 Naturopath.  80% healthy, 20% flexi.   If I’m honest it’s probably 90:10.  But 80:20 is that awesome golden rule – applies to so much in life,  so I’m sticking with it.   When I happen to throw an “Ah fek it!” every now and then, Fat Fasting gets me back to my bouncing self-quickest.

6. It decreases inflammation.  Not just in the digestive system, the whole body.   My flexibility massively improves on a LCHF diet.

So What are your Likes and Dislikes? Food7.  Sometimes I just want a break from meals. Don’t get me wrong, I love food. Like, LOVE food. Shopping for it, preparing it, eating it, sharing it, love it. But, some days, I just want to bop around not thinking about my next meal.

8.  It keeps me slim. Really, munching on Macadamia Nuts and Coconut Oil all day every now and then helps me keep my figure and muscle tone.

9.  It can be used to break through a weight loss plateau.  If you’ve been on a weight loss protocol and your weight hasn’t shifted in a while, a fat fast can set things off again (I believe largely due to point 3).

10.  There’re lots more reasons swirling around my head but I want to get onto explaining how to actually do it…

Question Mark


So, here’s the low down:

1. First up, I will  always always always recommend checking in with your health care practitioner before embarking on any sort of cleanse to assess where you are at first.  We’re a pretty smart bunch.  Know lots.  Know what to look out for and monitor.

2.  Get your body used to a higher fat diet first.  If you’re a sugar-burner (aka High Carb Eater) doing a Fat Fast will not be pleasant.  You’ll likely experience “Keto-flu” and end up shaking your fist in my general direction.   Try a LCHF / Ketogenic Diet for a couple weeks, then perhaps give it a go.   A brief run down of what those entail here.

Fat Fast3.  Plan your food for the day.   You can use various apps to help you track your macronutrient percentages.

I use myfitnesspal. Chronometer is another one (remember 800 – 1200 calories per day, 80-90% from fat).


4.   You can do a fat fast with 4-5 small meals throughout the day (traditional way) or you can choose to have 2 – 3 bigger meals.  Which ever works best for you.

5.   Do not plan any excessive exercise on the day(s) of a fat fast.

6.  Drink lots of water.  Add in an extra litre.

7.  Start with one day.  See how that feels.  Next time maybe two.  Longest five.


Things you can eat:Fat Fast

Coconut Oil (100% fat)

My Raw Chocolate (94% fat)

Macadamia Nuts  (75.8% fat)

Mayonnaise (95%)   My recipe here.

Cream Cheese (84% fat)

Egg Yolks  (75% fat)

Avocado (76% fat)


And that’s just a start.  The list is not exhaustive.   Olive oil, avocado oil, cream, butter, ghee…   Lots more options.  Just plug them into your food app to find out the composition of your chosen food.

Yum!  The other day I even munched on chocolate covered Macadamias for most of the day.   Trick is to put the macadamias in the freezer.  Make your raw chocolate, dunk the cold macadamias in your chocolate, and because of their lower temp the chocolate will harden around them nice and smoothly.   Taste sensation!   Who ever said healthy eating is boring??     #chocolateeverydamnday    🙂

Raw Chocolate Hearts - large

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