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If you’ve been around in the natural medicine world for a bit, or know someone that’s in the circle, the likelihood that you have come across the term “Mindfulness” is pretty high.

So what do we mean when we speak these sacred words?

Easy, to be mindful. To be present. To be aware. To be conscious. And non-judgemental.

When you are doing something, do that something. Try and put aside everything else that is going on, that has already been and all that is still yet to come. Be in the moment as much as possible. Not so easy.

One of most important activities you can do this with is eating. Mindful eating. Food can be a source of physical, mental and emotional nourishment. But you already knew that because if you have indeed been around us natural medicine folk we talk all the time how these three are all interlinked.

So take the time to be mindful when you are eating your meal, you will get so much more from it. More enjoyment, more nourishment, more satisfaction.

Did you know that a pretty big chunk of your digestion happens before your food even touches your lips? I can’t recall the exact figure, but I think it’s around 30%. When you begin thinking of the food you are about to eat, the salivary glands start working, the brain starts sending messages to the stomach to increase production of its acid needed to break down the anticipated food, the pancreas begins to release enzymes, the liver stands to attention…there’s a lot going on. And you haven’t even started chewing yet!

So to gain maximum possible benefits from your meal, and your life, here are some ways to be mindful when eating:

  1. Take a time out to enjoy your meal.
  2. Sit down to eat it…away from your desk/computer screen/television.
  3. Think about the food you are about to eat.
  4. Chew.
  5. While chewing pay attention to the different flavours, the different textures, the smell, the taste etc. Use all your senses to explore, savor and taste what you are eating.
  6. Acknowledge your responses to your food, positive or negative, without judgment.
  7. Use cutlery, and set them down between mouthfuls.
  8. Savour Every. Little. Bit.
  9. And lastly, add in a dose of Vitamin P.  Not heard of that one…?  It’s Vitamin Pleasure!

But even with all these tips, remember, there is no right or wrong way to eat. You must do what is right for you.

Nom nom nom.

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Kirsten Swales

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